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Descend into the unknown in Shroom and Gloom a first person, dungeon-crawling, deck-building tale of mushrooms and madness.

Enter The Underealm armed with nothing but a rust blade, a dying phone and a healthy appetite for roasted mushrooms. Explore your way through the depths, digging up new weapons in your quest to reach The Megashroom at all costs! Combine, grow and enchant your discoveries as you battle your way through terrifying Terry's, enchanting Bardshrooms and otherworldly Pizza Blobs!


* Slash, roast and consume your fungal foes in combo-tastic CCG combat!

* Modify your cards until each one is an abomination.

* Build a second deck for explorating The Underealm. Will you scrounge for lockpicks or simply bash down locked doors? Pay tribute to the Toad Lord or enjoy a hearty shroom soup next to your campfire? Only you can decide!

* Discover a uniquely cute & creepy world of hand-drawn monsters & murderous mushrooms!


'Shroom and Gloom' was summoned into reality for the 2021 edition of 7 Day FPS as a part of the Free Lives expedition to Swellendam.

Our goal was to make an first person CCG that allowed for creative deck-building and mega-combos. We also thought it'd be fun to explore your combat deck being built through using a second collectible deck. So far we're just 16 days in and we've only been able to scratch the surface of the idea!


Evan "Shroom-Whisperer" Greenwood: Design, Code & Art

Ben "Roast-Master" Rausch: Design & Art

Jason "Jack and Slash" Sutherland: Music & Audio

HAEZER "Just plain HAEZER" HAEZER: Music & Audio

UPDATE: 2 weeks after we launched it, we've been totally overwhelmed by the positive response to this little prototype!

Thanks to everyone who picked the game up, played it, and shared their thoughts! We've loved hearing from every single one of you, and would be so stoked to keep the conversation going! We might make a dedicated Gloom and Shroom one in the future, but for now come hang out with us over on the Free Lives Discord! In there you'll find a Gloom and Shroom channel under the 'prototypes' section of the server. Swing by and say hi!

Thanks again for all the support, enthusiasm and encouragement!馃挅


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Hi, i was just wonder if you have any plans to update your game cause its really fun also any plans to introduce it to steam?

Hi there! Thanks for the positive feedback, and for checking in about our future plans.

We have been slowly working away at a very big update to the game. Progress is going very slowly, so don't expect it to drop anytime soon, but we think people are going to love all the new things we're adding.

Right now we don't have plans to bring the game to Steam, but it could definitely happen if we can see there's enough demand for it.

Thanks again!

beat on my first attempt with a build centered around roasts, toothpicks, and raging edge, will certainly be playing again to see what kind of shenanigans I can get away with :D thank you for making such a fun game!


Hi fives on the first time win! Most people seem to say they think the game is too hard, so you've done well getting a win on your first try.

Hope your future runs will be loads of fun!

This was so amazing! I wasn't able to beat it but I'm definitely going to go back and try it again! https://youtu.be/OY5J20sGYzA


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for making a video to share the experience with people - look forward to watching it!

this game is really very good a pearl among so many games i really think that if you give more updates on this game create a small story for new stages and launch it on steam and use that promotion this game will sell like water

Awww, thanks so much for the great feedback! Glad you liked what we've made so far!

great game (just DO NOT press o)

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! (Sorry about the O!)

(2 edits)

please for the love of god nerf the shielding enemy im losing my mind, i have lost double digits runs to not being able to destroy the shield and it goes back up again im crying writing this please i beg

Edit: the game is really fun and great don麓t get me wrong

Hi there! Glad you've been enjoying the game, and sorry to hear you're struggling with shields. You're not alone in this, and when we have time we might make a little strategy guide  video for players who are having a tough time.

For now, here are a few tips that might help you out with shields:

  • You only need to apply a single point of damage, or one effect to remove a shield. Focusing on building cards that hit multiple times, or apply multiple effects will help you get through shields fast.
  • Bad breath, toothpicks are great against shields, as are toasties and soups that hit all enemies.
  • Focus your efforts on shield generating enemies to prevent them from buffing everyone.
  • Never let a shield generating enemy escape a combat, or they'll come back to haunt you!

    Hope that helps! Thanks again for playing!

love the game I hope that there will be procedural generation soon.

Thanks so much!

I Managed to beat the game! Very fun to play! I wish there's more.

Congratulations on finishing the game, and thanks for playing!

Dude this was actually superb. I played about twelve card games this week just to mess around, and this is my third favorite. You did damn well. Beyond the artstyle, this has some of the most satisfying cardplay and strategy I've seen; I would LOVE a full version, possibly with roguelike generation. It has so much potential.


Hi there! Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Glad you liked the game!

Short and fun. Love the tunnel art, very cool how you used a few 2D images to create a 3D space..

Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this comment. Glad to hear you liked how things looked!

Move over Inscryption .. Shroom and Gloom is my new favourite pc cardgamerougelikethingy I cant beleive this game was made so quickly.. its fantastic. I hope it gets developed into a fully fleshed out game!

Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to pass on this awesome feedback! So very stoked that you liked the game so much. We've got some incredibly fun new things on the cards, so watch this space!

can you please add a 32 bit version?

thank you soo much

Hi Kuma. Thanks for your interest in the game. Unfortunately we're not currently able to make a 32 bit version.

Nice to look at, and a miracle to play the gameplay, but the balance needs to be improved, especially with shields, because sometimes they block the damage, but do not disappear. 

Thanks very much for playing, and for the kind comments.

For shielded enemies, one point of shield will be removed each time an enemy is hit with an attack or debuff. Good luck with them!

I absolutely loved this, I really hope you continue in development with this idea. It has so much potential, cannot believe you made such a solid game in 16 days. Very well done!

Hi Noah! Thanks so much for this encouraging feedback! Very glad to see you had such a good time with Shroom and Gloom!

(4 edits)

This a good game from a game jam for what it is, Its creative card fighting game. Uses smart stats you gonna need, Only one that is too hard is the magicsheld, They are too op because they can keep stacking it while you trying kill one enemy. But get get lucky and get the things for it, It's be easy then. 

Also for anyone playing this, Just get if fetal get two damage to the scythe because its hits all enemy's and if you stack it, You could kill all the enemy's in one go. 

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

This is sooo cool - really liked the idea

Thank youuu! Really appreciate that support!


I keep coming back to this game and thinking about this game. It was fun and the whole team did such a rad job on the designs and atmosphere. Thanks for making such a great game and can't wait to see what you guys do next!

Aww, this was such a lovely comment to recieve. Thanks heaps for playing, and for taking the time to let us know the game stuck with you.

Got some very fun new things in the works for Shroom and Gloom's next update!

Sorry for the question but which archive i mus download, please?


No problem.

If you're on Windows get this one:
Shroom And Gloom 29 Dec 2021 Windows.zip

If you're on Mac get:
Shroom and Gloom.zip

Have fun!


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I 鉂わ笍 that game!

First time I played it, I did not expect much. I played a few runs, for a bit more than an hour, than removed it from my computer. But then, a few days later, I wished to play it again... And now I think I finally beat it!

Mushroom Key
Mushroom Key from Shroom & Gloom
I don't know what to do with that key though....
The game has a great atmosphere, its artistic direction is very nice, and above all, the game mechanics are very well balanced! It reminded me of Slay the Spire on how it achieves the perfect balance to make you want to try it again one more time 馃槉

Tactically speaking, my winning strategy was "growth + toasts-all-the-things". It's interesting to see in the comments that other players won with very different stratregies!

Congrats and many thanks to the dev team 馃コ

(1 edit)

OK, I realized I could move past the boss cadaver, but then the game crashed a few seconds after passing the last door 馃槩

(1 edit)

Hi! Thanks for playing, and for taking the time to leave this nice comment! Very glad you had a good time with the game. Sounds like you've found a solid strategy!

The mushroom key is used to unlock the door after the final boss. After you pass through there, you've finished the game!

I have fallen in love with this game and would LOVE to see more come out of it. it gave me a challenge and I can always appreciate a game with challenge. its  creepy atmosphere and design, coupled with the ever growing difficulty, really is a one of a kind experience. 

a few suggestions tho, 
1: More cards? I found my runs were repeating once I found a good strategy to power through, yes I know that may be the point, however using the same cards over and over again kinda put a damper on things.

2. perhaps a more variety of enemies? I did notice how the same three our four enemies popped up, I also noticed a lot of them ran very often, and the fact that I could stun most of them was a little OP, so maybe give them some more abilities?

3. Its a really short game that I feel has a TON, and I mean A TON more potential for it. 

I really hope you keep updating the game, this was a blast and I have spent the past few HOURS playing it. 
Fantastic job 10/10 will be playing again

Hi there!

Thanks so much for this massively encouraging comment - so great to hear you liked the game so much!

You will be happy to know that:

1) We're working on a ton of new cards! So far we have more than 80 new cards that we're testing out.

2) We're busy testing a bunch of new enemies too, and all the boss have been improved too!

Thanks so much for playing, and once again for the wonderful feedback. Hope you'll have a blast with all the new stuff we're cooking up!

(1 edit)

I am blown away by how great this game is in every respect. Charming, quirky graphic style. Really unique deck building mechanics. A perfect difficulty level that hits the sweet spot of 'easy to play, hard to master'. Really rewards thinking carefully about card synergy, and how to approach each battle in order to win the war.

Just one thing - having 2 creatures in a battle that can cast spell shield  should be prevented, as it is unbeatable with almost all possible deck configurations.

Damn, what a lovely comment! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the game, really awesome to hear!

You're not alone in struggling with moments where you run into 2 shield generating enemies. The update we're working on shake things up quite significantly, so not sure if shields will land up being as hard for players in future, but for now here's some advice we shared for someone who previously posted about struggling with too many shields:

"If you're running into more than one tiny tentacles (the little shroom that generates shields) it means you let one escape from your previous combat. If I can offer some advice for future runs, it's a pretty solid strategy  to always focus your attacks and debuffs on Tiny Tentacles first, take them out before they can generate too many shields and  always be sure to prevent them from fleeing. Good luck on future adventures!"

Thanks again for the encouraging comment and hope you'll enjoy all the new things coming in the update!

Great game, a few balance problems that undermine it.

1. If you get a "fleeing" enemy on the first room (or worse: first 2 rooms) you usually have to quit/restart, since they're massively overpowered at this stage and you can't kill them yet

2. Can't see how many food you have before deciding whether to campfire.

3. Can't eat Toasties outside battle. Died because I had 2 health between levels and had to bash the door open. I had lots of healing food + toasties in my deck, but game wouldn't let me use them.

Impressive is an understatement. From the visuals to the gameplay, hats off to the dev team. I hope you'll be able to take this and make a commercial game. More shroom & more gloom please. :) 


Thanks so much for the support and encouragement!More Shroom and Gloom is on the way!

Heck yeah! Moar! :)

cool game.


Awesome - aescetics, but also new unique concepts to deckbuilding rougelikes! Please keep working on that and maybe release in future bigger, better version! :)

Thanks so much! Really glad you liked what we've made so far. Bigger and better version is on the way!

Absolutely remarkable. The first special cards you encounter will determine the rest of you run and how far you get, leaving the experience somehow unbalanced.

But the concept, the aesthetics and the overall gameplay is outstanding. I would totally love a commercial version for Steam and Switch.

Thanks so much for this - really means a lot that people would be stoked on a commercial release! Switch would be awesome!

(2 edits)

I love the game, but would it be possible to make it so that enemies only start with 1 shield and only grant 1 shield. It also seems like there's a bug with the logic for shielding enemies to run away.

My latest run had 2 shield enemies in an encounter before the first boss, here's some screenshots:

Just started using them to boost health while tanking the occasional blow, but was unable to do anything because nothing could happen.

Edit: Still hanging on, only 15 uses of the everlasting shroom left.

Final use of the everlasting truffle, not very everlasting is it :P

Hi Willuwont - glad to hear you've been enjoying the game!

If you're running into more than one tiny tentacles (the little shroom that generates shields) it means you let one escape from your previous combat. If I can offer some advice for future runs, it's a pretty solid strategy  to always focus your attacks and debuffs on Tiny Tentacles first, take them out before they can generate too many shields and  always be sure to prevent them from fleeing. Good luck on future adventures!

This game is so much fun. I love it!


Thank you so much!

I have played this game multiple times and it is really fun. The only thing that sucks is if you ever go up against two of the shield dudes, it is virtually impossible to win and your run is dead. There is almost no way to keep up with 4 shields every turn. Hope you guys come out with a full game.

Hi there, thanks so much for the positive feedback - great to hear!

If we can offer a tip to help with your spell shield woes; if you're running into more than one tiny tentacles (the little shroom that generates shields) it means you let one escape from your previous combat, so always focus your attacks and debuffs on Tiny Tentacles and prevent them from fleeing.

Thanks again for playing and for the great feedback!

Just beat the game, kinda expected some plot twist like us turning into the shroom king after beating the final boss cuz of how we slowly transforming as we're progressing through the game but it's a fun game with great cartoonish arts! I hope it will be more than just a prototype

Thanks so much!

(3 edits)

Bug: If you have both slots of the stations full with 2 campfires or 2 practice dummies (or with anything) then refresh the deck and then try to play another station then the card will do the animation of being used but instead all your deck will disappear and you will be soft locked if you haven't unlocked the door.

Edit: It actually happens when you use a key bash or use another station on an already used station, it doesn't have to be the 2 slots full

by the way, this is a really fun game, even if it was made in only 7 days I see a lot of future to this project,  good job guys.

Hi there. Thanks for the kind words, and heads up on this bug. Tried to recreate this issue, and doesn't seem to be possible anymore, so this issue will be fixed in the next update.

Is it just me or does the replenish on the minor growth not trigger?

Hi Tony,

Cards with replenish should automatically draw another card when drawn.

On Minor Growth we've already changed it to "draw 1 card when played", so that card will play slightly differently in our next update.



I freaking love this game!

This is such an amazingly fun card building game. Inscryption is shaking!!!

I've found some balance issues tho. That one giant monster dude who adds 30 shield on every second attack and deals 12 damages afterwards welll.....I was stuck there dealing a maximum of 22 damage per turn but I wasn't able to do so every single turn, so I ended up fighting him for like 20 minutes trying to get lucky with card draws.

But even with that this is such a good game! In 14 days? really?! Wizards! You guys are Wizards!


Hi HakanBacon

Thanks heaps for this very encouraging comment.

Regarding finding that enemy too hard, are you talking about the final boss?  If so, they should only be adding 2 shield on turns when they summon reinforcements. If they were adding 30 shield every 2 turns something very strange happened. We're not aware of any bugs where anything like that happens, but if you do see this again please grab a screenshot and send it our way!

Thanks again for playing, and for the great feedback!

Just finished it for the first time and that boss is the giant blob like thing. I wouldn't say it's a bug more like a weird balance thing.

but all in all this is fantastic! I wouldn't wanna change a single thing (except for more conteeeeeent!!!!).



Thanks so much! Got some incredibly fun new stuff on the way!

Hi! any plans to make it a full game?

(1 edit)

What an awesome game! However, I think the game balance relies too much on vulnerable debuff as they allow for exponential growing damages to the point it is totally broken (I know all roguelike deckbuilders are all about being broken, but this is too far easy-to-play and broken so other builds aren't interesting). I think buffing other builds and nerfing vulnerable debuff will give them a shine they deserved.

Anyway, I hope to see an expanded version of the game in steam as this is too good to simply be a gamejam submission. Thank You!


Thanks for the positive feedback Auron - appreciate it!

Unfortunately doesn't seem to run on Mac currently (MacBook Pro M1) -

"Shroom and Gloom.app" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

Hi there. You can tell your mac to trust Shroom and Gloom under your 'Security and privacy Settings', after clicking on the lock icon in the bottom left of the window.

Happy Shrooming!

This game is awesome! The only thing I'd ask (which will most likely get fixed in time) is for a warning when you press escape.. Got all the way to the final boss and wanted to pause but instead it took me to the main menu and I had to start all over again.

So sorry about that ESC issue! It is fixed  in the update we're working on!

hello i loved this game i just wanted to point out that in the selection of "perks" in the first room there is a bug that allows the player to just walk straight and go trough a wall and even out of the audio area 

Hi there. Thanks so much for the positive feedback, and for letting us know about this issue. We've got it fixed on this end, and bug will be squashed in the update we're working on.

Thanks again!

just a question why are there crystals out of the area we are suppose to be, just for curiosity

The Gloom is full of mysteries.

is there a open menu button? audio stuff

Hi there. There isn't a menu in the game.


This game was great! Even tho it was built in a short time, it was really fun and creative. There are many strategies u can play with your deck, I was wondering if there were possibilities if u kept building this game, for more chances later on towards the boss to upgrade the energy as well as the health. this was a fun blast every min that i played. 10/10 for the time put into it, please PLEASE, make more!

What an awesome comment! Thank you so much!

We are working on a little update, and have some really cool stuff planned!

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