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Descend into the unknown in Shroom and Gloom a first person, dungeon-crawling, deck-building tale of mushrooms and madness.

Enter The Underealm armed with nothing but a rust blade, a dying phone and a healthy appetite for roasted mushrooms. Explore your way through the depths, digging up new weapons in your quest to reach The Megashroom at all costs! Combine, grow and enchant your discoveries as you battle your way through terrifying Terry's, enchanting Bardshrooms and otherworldly Pizza Blobs!


* Slash, roast and consume your fungal foes in combo-tastic CCG combat!

* Modify your cards until each one is an abomination.

* Build a second deck for explorating The Underealm. Will you scrounge for lockpicks or simply bash down locked doors? Pay tribute to the Toad Lord or enjoy a hearty shroom soup next to your campfire? Only you can decide!

* Discover a uniquely cute & creepy world of hand-drawn monsters & murderous mushrooms!


'Shroom and Gloom' was summoned into reality for the 2021 edition of 7 Day FPS as a part of the Free Lives expedition to Swellendam.

Our goal was to make an first person CCG that allowed for creative deck-building and mega-combos. We also thought it'd be fun to explore your combat deck being built through using a second collectible deck. So far we're just 16 days in and we've only been able to scratch the surface of the idea!


Evan "Shroom-Whisperer" Greenwood: Design, Code & Art

Ben "Roast-Master" Rausch: Design & Art

Jason "Jack and Slash" Sutherland: Music & Audio

HAEZER "Just plain HAEZER" HAEZER: Music & Audio

UPDATE: 2 weeks after we launched it, we've been totally overwhelmed by the positive response to this little prototype!

Thanks to everyone who picked the game up, played it, and shared their thoughts! We've loved hearing from every single one of you, and would be so stoked to keep the conversation going! We might make a dedicated Gloom and Shroom one in the future, but for now come hang out with us over on the Free Lives Discord! In there you'll find a Gloom and Shroom channel under the 'prototypes' section of the server. Swing by and say hi!

Thanks again for all the support, enthusiasm and encouragement!💖


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i would so love another version of this!! ive almost totally optimized the game and can win with 25-30 health lol


Hi hi! Thanks for being such a dedicated shroomer! Very impressive to be able to beat the Megashroom with so little health!

We're still a ways off from sharing it publicly, but have been testing out a massive update with the Free Lives Discord community. If you join the server, you can find the latest build linked in the Shroom and Gloom channel, under "PROTOTYPES".

If you do check it out, please let us know what you think of all the new cards and play styles!


Thanks again for playing!

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A very cool game with interesting things. I wish that new things would come soon

Thanks for playing!

This was so fun! Challenging, but in a way that made me want to keep playing until I had beaten it. I love the art style and the concept as well!

Great to hear that! Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you thought of the game so far!

Guess I grinded too hard

Rot 182! Nice!

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just letting you know, when you open the chest in the beginning you can still go forward and backwards and if you go forwards you can leave the map. Why is the video so glitchy! Sorry. Anyways great game for only 16 days!

Hi! Thanks for playing, and for the positive feedback.

Thanks as well for letting us know about the chest bug - it's been fixed in the update we're working on!

When will the next update be I cant wait anymore???

Awww, thanks so much for checking in - really great to hear that people are excited for more shrooms!

Unfortunately the update won't be coming anytime soon. Our main projects (Wrestling With Emotions and Stick It To The Stickman) are keeping us very busy, but we're thinking of Shroom and Gloom all the time and looking forward to wrapping up the update when we have the time. We have soooo much good stuff on the cards (heaps of new cards and enemies, and totally new ways to beat the shrooms) so hope that it'll all be well worth the wait!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and support!

This game is so much fun and so good! I got halfway through before dying but I love every second playing your game! Loved the art style and the card mechanic! Will definitely play again! Great Job!


Hi! Thanks so much for playing and sharing! Glad to hear you had such a good time with the game!

Good luck on your future runs!

PS: To grab a game-changing card at the start of the game, be sure to check out the chest in the first room!

This game is so fun! "Left to rot" is so busted and fun to use. It one-shots the final boss if you stall the earlier bosses to eat loads of toasty cards with sacrifice cards. I used Wormwood to get about 450% bonus damage.

Thanks so much for taking the time to pass on this encouraging feedback - it's great to hear.

That combo sounds really brutal! High fives on roasting some shroom butts!

its amazing i love how the "combat" feels  i love how you can search for cards and have to strategize with your deck  if you make another or add on to this one i would love to see where it goes          also congrats on being able to pull of such a great experience in accouple days 


Thank you! So glad you had a good time with our shroomy baby!



Absolutely AMAZING game. Loved every second of it, made a video about it, AND I even beat it all first try! I LOVE this game! 


Thanks again for the great let's play!

Great game!

I killed the last boss in one turn because of the op cards I got during that run. I didn't take any damage during the last boss, and I had 102 health.

Thank you!

high fives on that amazing sounding build!

Excellent game.

I am a fan of singleplayer card games, and this one certainly fills the heart shaped hole Inscryption left within me. It might help that I happen to like mushrooms.

Gameplay is sensible and lets you break the game. Major plus for card games. There are several different ways to exploit the mechanics and most of them work congruently.

Art is reasonable

Music is fine.

I love a good dungeon, and this game did it for me (with extra mushrooms). Would recommend to friends leery about Inscryption due to the length.

Necesito que tenga mas contenido y sea mas largo pliiis

¡Estamos trabajando en ello!
¡gracias por jugar!
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okay, it's rare i play the demo of a game that hasn't been completed yet, and tell myself "oh yeah, once it's complete i think i'd pay for that.", this right here is one of them!

i played a few times, and let me tell you: it's fun!

i'm no profesional, but i'll try to make a reweiv...

graphics: simple and nice, love of the enemies looks cute and the boss look terifying.

gameplay: quite simple, but you can combo things toghter to become deadly.

bosses: i personally don't really like them, since they feel more like a punching bag after a bit.

hype: present.

so overall 4.5/5, the best deck builder i played, but i haven't played a lot of them.

so yeah, good job ;).  

P.S: english isn't my frist language, please ignore any error.

This is honestly one of my favorite games!!!

I downloaded it just bc i was looking for something cool and not-super-committal to play, and this is rad as hell. There are so many different strategies to go about progressing, but you can learn quickly (and experiment quickly).

A perfect run (for lack of a better word) can let the game be done in probably 10, 15 minutes. So, when you get a run that isnt good, or you didnt make great choices, you can absolutely just start again. And since death actually restarts you, you feel youre actually making progress overall, instead of just chipping your way through to one ideal playthrough. Youre learning as you go and actually applying that knowledge to each subsequent playthough. No sort of save-scumming vibes. So it feels substantial.

On top of the basics of the gameplay, theres also a lot of fine-tuning that you can definitely feel. Its so satisfying, because you can take a weapon that is pretty decent (or even bad) at the beginning and spiral it into a super weapon with good management of your cards. I remember being so hyped when I ended my second or third run with over 100 health, and when I was using persistent to just wreck whatever was in my path lmao. And the toothpicks came up to be so much more helpful than I had imagined. Specifically for the spell dudes lol. There are just so many little intricacies and you can tell that things are really well tuned and balanced, but still allow you to progress massively once youve got some mastery of what each card does. Theres no wrong option for starting card. Just different play styles, basically.

And of course, the art and sound design are both so fuckin cool!!! Just everything about them. Absolutely in love. Im an artist myself and I am just obsessed with the world youve created in such a seemingly-simple game. I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what I love so much about it so just      everything. Everything is so fuckin cool.

For being made in a game jam, especially? One of my favorites. Thank you guys for making this. These have been hours of playing very well spent. :)))

If you guys ever make this into a full released game, Id absolutely pay for it. Its so good.  

I just saw a year old youtube and decided to try it, 9/10, you should put it on steam, and if/when you make a new one, call it 2 or smth, if its like this, just make this the demo xD

Thanks so much! Love getting this kind of feedback on Shroom and Gloom. We'd really love to take this idea further when the time is right!

I've tried playing the game recently and have a big problem with window scaling of the interface?
The icons are just giant and take up the whole screen, no matter what I try. (I tried DPI scaling, I tried launching in compatibility modes etc)

Hi there. Sorry to hear you're running into these issues. Have you tried changing the resolution of your display in your operating system?

Hey, yes, I've tried that as well.

The weird thing is that this only happen on my travel pc, the one with the smaller resolution (which I would have thought wouldn't have that issue XD)

It's fine, I can still play at home, I just wanted to ask if it was maybe something that came up for others as well, see if anyone had a solution. Probably just my travel pc being weird.

Just beat Shroom and Gloom, I've been looking for a game able to scratch an Itch similar to Inscryption, rougelike deckbuilder with crazy customization, which is fantastic since my laptop can't run more complicated games like that very well. Fortunately, this game ran like a charm! I hope you devs expand on this concept of a rougelike going all in on the customization aspect of things, I was able to end the run dealing actual hundreds of damage a turn, which was super satisfying finally getting through the mushroom dungeon. (Fuck the portal things though they ended so many runs)

Hi! Thanks for this lovely feedback. Really great hearing that you had a good time with our Shroomy baby!

High fives on dealing with those pesky shields, and high fives on making it all the way to the end!

I absolutely loved this game! It took me SOOOO many playthroughs to get to the end and I felt so accomplished when I got there!  Definitely a favorite for replay-ability and I would love to financially support if possible through buying the game through Steam if you ever host it there! 

Hi! Thanks so much for the comment - lovely to hear you had such a good time with the game! Congrats on making it all the way to the end!


Have you considered making this into a full roguelite/like game? I absolutely love this game and have ever since I found out about it like a year ago, and was always disappointed that I couldn't play more of it. INFINITELY.  You could charge like $35+ for a full version of this and I would buy it no questions asked.

If you do, also consider a switch port. This would be the perfect game on the go and would join Inscryption and Slay the Spire as my "On the Go Deckbuilders" in that regard


Hi there! Thanks for the encouraging comment!

We'd really love to take this thing further, so it's so good hear there are folks that'd be into that.

Still going to take a few months, but we've been working on an awesome update. Once that's out we'll look at if we're able to turn this into a full game!

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I beat the game, and let me tell you. Seeing the end felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I don't want to spoil anything, so i'ma talk about graphics. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. 5 star. Some items and attacks are a bit broken though, the hungry mace for example. It does 8 dmg for 2 energy. If you kill stuff with it, you gain 2 energy. It is also persistent, so it is always there if drawn for an attack. If you have something like growth items, you can increase its dmg. Then with the training dummy, you can give it energize, which gives energy when the card is drawn. this makes you start with 4 energy when drawn. Plus vulnerable and other perks, It is too strong. If you save flash for bosses, it is hard to lose if you have this combo. You should make enemys have a counter for these items, like one that gets rid of the energy gaining perk for that turn.

Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Really great to hear you liked the game so much and congratulations on making it to the end!

An amazing game. Super fun and atmospheric.

Thanks so much! Love hearing that!

This is amazing! I love card battle games but im very particular about them. This is really great. I would LOVE to see this expanded out with maybe some story. I think it would be a great hit. Heck, even if the style and gameplay was done in a longer game with or without the mushroom/fungus theme Id be all over it.

Anyways...You have seriously gained a fan today.

Its worth mentioning that my kids have all been fighting for their turns to play this game. lol. It gives us an "inscryption" feel


Awww, what a lovely comment to receive! Very glad that you and your kids had such a great time with Shroom and Gloom in it's current form!

Still a ways off from being able share the next updated, but we're cooking up some really fun stuff that expands on that we have so far, so please keep an eye on the project!

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This game is amazing. I just recently killed the boss for the 5th time, dealing over 700 damage. I love all of the different combos and synergies, and I can't wait for the next update.

Edit: I just found a bug. If you walk forward after opening the chest in the first room, you walk into the void.

Thanks so much for the great feedback - awesome to hear!

Thanks as well for letting us know about the bug where you can wander into the void from the chest. This issue has been fixed in the update we're working on!

I figured that, but I thought I should say something just in case.

700? okay... how did you do? i'm kinda curious.


I'm a huge Inscryption fan so naturally I was very interested in other card-builduing-games as well. I like that it has some (to me) new aspects like the "camping phase" between the fights or the "cooking mode".

I beat the game today and was kinda sad that it is already over. At least I could finish that final boss. Especially after pressing escape by accident yesterday so that I had to start the run again. So don't press esc!

And I can totally agree with some others in the comment section that the scythe + if fatal increase damage by 2 is a winning combo!

never press esc!


Hi there! Thanks for playing, and taking the time to leave a comment.

Glad to hear you had a good time with this little Shroomy game, and that it left you wanting more. Good news - there's more on the way! Not likely to drop anytime soon, but we've been working on a ton of additions and improvement (including fixing the ESC quit issue!) for a future update.

Thanks again!


I think the ESC quit is a good, easy way to get out of the game, however I am just a person who knows absolutely nothing about computer/laptop games.

yes, the scythe become really quickly a one-shot if played well enough, but pressonally, i think any fire cards with sacrifes and the dagger that increase dammage everytime you eat is also kinda cool.

I'm a massive Slay the Spire addict and was looking to explore more takes on the genre and this is an interesting one.

I think it has the same flaw a lot of game jam or short development time deck builders do where its all about the exploit and less about understanding different kinds of builds and mechanics, but like I'm not gonna hold that against ya'll. For something made as part of a jam, there's some real depth here.

I like the Inscryption style "stack modifiers until your card is broken" element. I really enjoyed my time, and the aspect of having two decks like Griftlands but not both in a combat kinda context was facinating. I honestly think with a more focused concept for different builds and different decks there an entire game not far from here. There is something special here in the way ya'll iterated on the genre and its why I love deck builders.

Awesome!!! The game design is really neat! It's fascinating to progress slowly and discover new tactics little by little.

I wish there were some sort of in-game "documentation" to help keep track of key-words like "persist" or "energize".

Hi! Thanks so much for playing, and for the comment. Really lovely to hear how people are enjoying the game!

Thanks for the suggestion on better explaining the different abilities. You'll be happy to know that we've put together a tool where you can hover over them and will get a description of what they do. Will be in our next update!


I've been playing it for 2 days straight and really struggled to beat the game initially haha.
I finally found a reliable strategy to beat the game! (scythe that grows if fatal)
It's great to see you're still improving the game after the game jam. Looking forward to playing that update ^^

It's a really great game. I can't wait for the update :)

Thank you Mushroom! Glad you're excited for the update!

Pretty awesome game. Played it whole day. I dig it.

Radical! Thanks for playing, and glad you had such a good time!


If you guys publish on steam, I will buy ASAP!

Please, update it with more cards and bosses, I loved the game!


Hi! Thanks for your support! Great to hear you love the game!

We'd love to take the game further someday. For now we've been slowly working on a pretty massive update. Loads of new cards on the way! Not looking like it'll be done anytime soon, but please do keep an eye on what we get up to in the future!

What an awesome game! I have a soft spot for deck building games but this one is specially cool. Totally loved the little details like the progression on the hands of the player!


Hi there! Thanks so much for playing, and for taking the time to leave this comment - love hearing that some players picked up on those little details!

Loved this game! Super simple concepts and an interesting art style. I'll definitely play this game mindlessly. Thanks for making this!

Very cool. I enjoyed it a lot. Brief but interesting. Rotten toothsticks + blade that increases damage when fatal = broken, lol

Thanks for play, and taking the time to leave a comment! Glad you enjoyed the game so much!

So excited for this games updates, its just such a fun concept and i love it!

Wooooo! Thank you!!!

this game is so f'ing slick I'm so impressed it was made in a week. the only thing i wish is if I could save my progress! shit's hard.

Hiya! Thanks for playing!

We would totally have made a save function, but time really wasn't on our side.

Thanks again!

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Hello The game was added to speedrun.com and I was wondering if there is transparent pngs of the bosses somewhere that could be used as 1st 2nd and 3rd place icons. and if possible the post jam version before the soup update.

Hi there! Glad you liked the game enough to add it to Speedrun.com

Here are some (new) boss images for you!

You have shown these before in the discord before i asked. It's great to see progress on the game! just not what i meant 

Hi, i was just wonder if you have any plans to update your game cause its really fun also any plans to introduce it to steam?


Hi there! Thanks for the positive feedback, and for checking in about our future plans.

We have been slowly working away at a very big update to the game. Progress is going very slowly, so don't expect it to drop anytime soon, but we think people are going to love all the new things we're adding.

Right now we don't have plans to bring the game to Steam, but it could definitely happen if we can see there's enough demand for it.

Thanks again!

beat on my first attempt with a build centered around roasts, toothpicks, and raging edge, will certainly be playing again to see what kind of shenanigans I can get away with :D thank you for making such a fun game!


Hi fives on the first time win! Most people seem to say they think the game is too hard, so you've done well getting a win on your first try.

Hope your future runs will be loads of fun!

This was so amazing! I wasn't able to beat it but I'm definitely going to go back and try it again! https://youtu.be/OY5J20sGYzA


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for making a video to share the experience with people - look forward to watching it!

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