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Descend into the unknown in Shroom and Gloom a first person, dungeon-crawling, deck-building tale of mushrooms and madness.

Enter The Underealm armed with nothing but a rust blade, a dying phone and a healthy appetite for roasted mushrooms. Explore your way through the depths, digging up new weapons in your quest to reach The Void King at all costs! Combine, grow and enchant your discoveries as you battle your way through terrifying Terry's, enchanting Bardshrooms and otherworldly Pizza Blobs!


* Slash, roast and consume your fungal foes in combo-tastic CCG combat!

* Modify your cards until each one is an abomination.

* Build a second deck for exploration that determines how you traverse The Underealm. Will you scrounge for keys or simply bash down locked doors? Pay tribute to the Toad Lord or enjoy a fresh roasty next to your campfire? Only you can decide!

* Discover a uniquely cute & creepy world of hand-drawn monsters & murderous mushrooms!


'Shroom and Gloom' was summoned into reality for the 2021 edition of 7 Day FPS as a part of the Free Lives expedition to Swellendam.

Our goal was to make an first person CCG that allowed for creative deck-building and mega-combos. We also thought it'd be fun to explore your combat deck being built through using a second collectible deck. So far we're just 14 days in and we've only been able to scratch the surface of the idea!


Evan "Shroom-Whisperer" Greenwood: Design, Code & Art

Ben "Roast-Master" Rausch: Design & Art

Jason "Jack and Slash" Sutherland: Music & Audio

HAEZER "Just plain HAEZER" HAEZER: Music & Audio

2 weeks after we launched it, we've been totally overwhelmed by the positive response to this little prototype!

Thanks to everyone who picked the game up, played it, and shared their thoughts! We've loved hearing from every single one of you, and would be so stoked to keep the conversation going! We might make a dedicated Gloom and Shroom one in the future, but for now come hang out with us over on the Free Lives Discord! In there you'll find a Gloom and Shroom channel under the 'prototypes' section of the server. Swing by and say hi!

Thanks again for all the support, enthusiasm and encouragement!馃挅


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Super fun game, nice and simple to follow once you know what is what and has so much room for expansion, LOVE IT!

Great to hear that - thank you! Look forward to watching your video!


Absolutely the best of the best indies out there. Loved the atmosphere, the gameplay, the art design. Everything is immaculate and nicely woven into a bow.


This is so cool! Thank you!


Thank you so much! This game was so fun to play!

I love this game! It would be awesome if there was a challenge to see how far you can get. I've found it fairly straightforward to beat the existing content. The game would have a lot more replayability if I could compete with myself to see how strong of a deck I can build. 

A quick way to accomplish this would be to encounter a combat version of the practice dummy after the final boss. See how much damage you can deal in 3 hands or something to that effect and that's your "score" for the run.

It would be even more satisfying to progress through randomly generated encounters after the final boss with a counter to see how many battles you can win. Like Hildebrant's Cellar mode if you're familiar with the game For The King. Randomly generate the enemies and exponentially increase their health and attack power with each battle. You can continue the progression of battle prep battle prep like the existing content or it could just be battle battle battle until you die. Add a little counter to show how many battles you've won and that's your score for the run. If the enemies are growing in strength exponentially then I think the player would have to be vanquished at some point. I would play something like that many times trying to beat my high score. I would even call it a full game at that point!

A gameplay suggestion. I really like the staging/prep deck concept used to shape the combat deck. The combat deck feels strategy heavy and I love it. I would be very impressed if you could bring the prep deck up to the same level, so it feels like I'm trying to build 2 decks. 

Maybe the combat deck can also influence the prep deck? For example: slash for 2 damage and draw an extra card in your next prep deck hand.  There's already some churning possibilities for the prep deck. How do I trim the prep deck? Make it stronger? Combine your cards to dig for treasure twice? Draw extra prep cards at the expense of fewer combat cards? You've done an awesome job with this game so I will leave it up to your imagination.

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Flat out, this game is the first game in a while that had me hooked for this long

The learning curve isn't bad, the amount of ways you can synergize cards to have OP decks, the number of playstyle of decks there, and the fact that with how short of a game it is, you can replay it over and over to fight different enemies, try out different strategies, and just see what kind of madness you can get out of it is amazing

While playing, I didn't encounter any real bugs; I had a few times where enemies would stack over 10 because I wouldn't finish them before they fled, but this honestly made it a necessity to either have "attack all" cards or to finish off enemies quickly. Even after a few games, the shielding enemies that seem to be very difficult were really tame (you just have to focus them down first)

Overall, I would love to see, at the very bare minimum, expansions for more cards, and at most, a full-fledged game

(Here's a playthrough I got recorded where I had an unintentional stall deck, but usually I like playing with growth/sacrifice/"if fatal increase attack" cards)


Keyboard For Shroom And Gloom


Hahaha! Perfect! <3

Great game! Love the visual.

Bug report: you can use "Bash" to Unlock the door even after the door is already unlocked. It would spawn more mob too.

Thanks - that's great to hear!

Thanks for the bug report - we've fixed this issue for our next update!

It took me quite a few tries to finally beat this, but everlasting truffle, weird sacrifice, scythe, and the practice dummy really helped me with the final boss!! Really fun game, I loved the visuals and the gameplay. Absolutely incredible.

This would be a really great game to turn into a full release! Can't wait to see where you and your team go! 


I'm here from Retromation and this game is incredible! I'd love to see this as a full release, is there a Twitter or something I can follow for updates?

Hi there! Thanks so much for the love!

You've got a few place where you can keep up with Shroom news. We post about it on the Team Lazerbeam twitter:

We're building up a lovely community of shroom fans in it's dedicated channel on the Free Lives discord:


I make some occasional videos about it over on Tik Tok:

Thanks again, and keep in touch!

If only there is a safe point.... but a good game overall!

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That would defeat the point of it being a roguelike :P

Cool game, besides the bit of unbalance(2 shielders = instant death unless you can stallout) the only bug i found is that if you hold w at the starting chest you can just sort of walk out of existance

Hola que tal?, Para cuando va a estar la nueva version del videojuego? me encanto, me pase el juego.

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隆Hola! 隆Estamos bien! Que tal?

隆Me alegra saber que te gust贸 el juego!

Estamos trabajando en nuestra pr贸xima actualizaci贸n. No se cuando se har谩. Para noticias, puedes unirte a nosotros en Free Lives Discord. O sigue al Equipo Lazerbeam en Twitter.




Hi folks! Thanks for the amazing new wave of attention this little jam game has been getting - it's amazing to see!

Currently traveling through very remote stretches of Namibia, so don't have my usual ability to track and reply to all comments, but just wanna thank everyone who's picking up the game and letting us know what they think of it.

Posted a tiny devlog here:

and a wee Tik Tok about the latest update here:

I'll try check in from the road when I can. Till then!

foul breath is overpowered and so is everlasting truffle, I got my health up to 103 and vulture blade up to 91 attack also with the sacrifices, I got 10 - 20 toasties per turn so foul breath sorta went off and this was on my second run mind you

This game and Decks and Daggers made me realize I REALLY like deck building Dungeon crawlers! Thank you so much for creating a great game! I hope you update it more or even create a full release! Also the art style is to die for! I absolutely love hand drawn art!

A little about myself! I'm Yung MuShu! I'm a creator on Twitch and YouTube with a primary focus on everything Indie and itch.io! I want to bring light to games that people may have never heard of before.

Yo Yung MuShu! Lovely meeting you - thanks for featuring our Shroomy baby on your channel. Glad you liked it!


also, using bash on the training dummy softlocks your game


Game's pretty fun and while there are some glitches, they dont affect the normal player. Sad that the game's this short, i would absolutely spend hours of my life playing it. Though, speaking of glitches, here's what happens if you combine some of the games most easy to find bugs(im on the 2nd enemy level)

nice game

What does the O button do? When you press it when you just play then it open the door, but late it seems to duplicate the whole room?

Very cool game! has a lot of potential, the game is easy is not because the enemies are weak but more because the player is very overpowered, for example the training dummy can give you very powerful cards you got lucky. And also the sacrifice cards is kind overpowered when combine with eating and toothpick? I think I drew my whole deck

Wow, this is some impressive draw!

Shroom and gloom isn't a very difficult game, but I don't mean that as a negative.  It's fun to mess around with the different interactions and see how I can roast these mushrooms the next run without having too much pressure to play optimally all the time.  This game has a fun little gimmick and a lot of heart.  I'm excited to see that you're still working on it and I'm sure I'll have a blast with all the future builds too.

very good game with tons of potential, but the shield enemies are far too broken, the only way I was able to win was hard stall with a lot of card drawing and even then I only won because they ran, they can easily stack infinite layers of shield and since there's more than likely multiple enemies on the field, you will die long before you even break one enemies shield, other than that great game and can't wait to see what come's nex

The guys who give their friendlies shield are very annoying. Its very unbalanced but quite enjoyable for a little bit.

Perhaps the most unbalanced game I ever played... but also one with great potential! Keep it up and this could be a great and unique dungeon-crawler.

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Absolutely addicted to this game, the art style, and the format. The card synergy is on point,  the music/ambience is perfect, and the variations of enemies makes for an entertaining progression and experience.
Im sure we would all like to see some more love go into this project.
I personally would pay 10-20 dollars for a full fleshed out game with a few additional stages or hours of play, and some more cards.

-potentially a co-op duel mode(same game with extra steps lol)
-add a couple of different stutter effects (fuzz, distortion, chromatic abbaration) to the background when you take  or deal damage.
-maybe different sound effects or animated responses (in enemies) when taking damage
-more cards that enable shuffle and reset type effects
-more cards
-more cards

I totally agree. If they're gonna do the full game I will definitely buy it.


This game certainly has potential. Looking forward to the next update!
It would be great to be able to see what cards are in your discard, draw pile. I also think the spell shield (stops next attack) is far too overpowered.

Not a big fan of card games, but at a first glance I can tell it's unique.

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Heard about the game from Retromation and love it (he did too!)

great atmosphere, original-feeling mechanics on cards, perspective changes up the deckbuilding genre while still being turn based (important for me for physical accessibility reasons). Please keep working on the game!


Hi there! Thanks so much for this comment. Really awesome to hear this, particularly that the turn-based gameplay helped to make the game more accessible. We really love hearing that, and hope to continue making the game as accessible as we can with future updates.

Thanks again for the lovely comment - it made our day!

This is incredible. If you choose to expand this into a fuller experience, I'd gladly pay for it. This is already so fun and full of promise.

This is so great to hear - thank you!

The fact this was made for a Game Jam is so surprising and I loved every second of it!!! If you keep updating or make a sequel I'm gonna be the first to play

Awww, thanks for the support! Appreciate it!

Holy Shit this game is incredible, so well done for a Game Jam version

Thanks so much!

Hello Shroom and Gloom team I am here to report a bug, if you press the "O" key multiple times the surrounding objects seem to duplicate and cause major lag. Attached is a video of the glitch, that is all, I hope you have a nice rest of your day, evening, or afternoon. (on a separate note, good job on the game, I love it)

Thanks for letting us know about that issue - appreciate it!

Great to hear you loved the game!

i luv this game want more of it forever. i think one thing is that there are definitely ways to make the game easy which kinda sucks out all the fun, but that's more so players doing it. also idk what exhaust and linger do even tho ive played thru the game like 12 times. so hot and sexy of you guys to make this.

Thank youuuu! Great to hear!

We're working on an in game codex which you'll be able to check for rules. For now if it helps here are are rules for the ones that confused you:

Exhaust: One use per combat.
Linger: Does not discard until played.

I absolutely loved this game, I kept on losing but whatever.

I want to report a glitch where you can bash open the start chest as many times as your health will allow, getting you a lot of those start cards.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I'm sure you'll find you get better at slaying those shrooms on your future attempts.

Thanks for the heads up on that bag - we'll get that squashed in our next update!

I made part 2 of your game and I manage to beat it, it was very enjoyable to play. Thx for the tip


Woo! Good job on beating it!

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This game is great. Can't wait to see where it goes :)

Thanks Sheepus! Great hearing that!


Super fun game, highly recommend. Would like to see a settings page to turn down game volume and maybe definitions of terms.

Thanks Bmoney! Glad to hear you liked the game, and appreciate the suggestions. We'd love to work both those things into the game in the future!

I'd love to see this expanded into a bigger game, this is awesome!

That's great to hear - thanks for the encouragement!

Really cool game!

Thank you!

Made another video


Awwww yeah! 馃馃

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