The Blob is out of the bag! Teen Blob Dev Log 01

Hi everyone!

Our blobby cat is out of the bag! I can't tell you all how good it feels to have finally announced the next Team Lazerbeam release, Teenage Blob! We spent three years working on this project in secret, and we're so happy to finally have announced the game to The World and made the itch page public.

So, what is Teenage Blob? You can head over to the Teen Blob itch page for some more detailed info, but in short, Teenage Blob is the The Worlds first game/music split release! It's a collection of 6 new games from Team Lazerbeam and 6 new songs from The Superweaks, all wrapped up together into a single interactive tale of bands, butts and bootleg battletoadz! Confused about how that would work? Maybe our announcement trailer can help clear things up!

Unveiling this weird concept has been an interesting experience. We were expecting a lot head scratching and confusion (which has happened for sure) but were very pleasantly surprised to discover the concept clicking with a lot of people! Despite this being the first time a game band and music band have joined forces in this way,it seems like there's something about the collaboration that  just makes sense to people. And, in the case of people that aren't too interested in the team-up nature of the project, the larger story of Teenage Blob really seems to be striking a chord! Some people seem to love the idea of a game that follows a blobby teen on quest to see their favourite band live. This really comes across in some awesomely insightful and enthusiastic articles that people have written about Blob's reveal (for good examples see what the lovely people at Big Boss Battle and The Gamer and Indie Games +) . We hope the game will resonate just as well with people once they play it!

If you'd like to follow our adventures and make sure that you hear about Teenage Blob once it's out, be sure to follow us right here on! The itch community has been incredible supportive and encouraging, and we can't wait to bring this Blob to you all! We think it's our best work yet!

Thanks for reading!
💖  Team Lazerbeam

PS - If you're super into the idea of this weird game, and would like to help out with the development process you can join our beta testers AKA Team Lazerbeam's Best Blobs! If this sounds like something that you'd be into, head over to our Discord and join The Best Blobs!

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