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Any plans on doing a re-release of the vinyl? I would love to have a copy but missed out :(

Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in getting Blob on wax!

The Superweaks still have some copies availible, which you can grab via their site.

Special edition (vinyl and game):

Ultimate Edition (Special edition + hot sauce + zine + shirt):

Thanks again!

Thank you so much, you rox!! I'm grabbing a copy for me and one for my buddy's upcoming b-day. I appreciate it a lot. Also totally looking forward to the new Wrestling with Emotions. Keep making awesome games guys <3

Awwww, thank you so much!

Hi, I just finished going through it...OMG this is just a brilliant and unique idea! I don't know if you were the first doing this kind of split release but definitely you shouldn't be the last! Infinite thumbs up!!!

Thanks so much for this comment. It really means so much hearing from people that Blob resonated with. And from On3 Ey3d W1lly now?! Honored to have a legendary pirate join the Blob Mob. Thanks again!

Even if not everything here was necessarily my kind of game, I still really enjoyed my time with this one and thought it was quite a good paring. 

Hi! Thanks so much for playing, and for taking the time to leave a comment. Glad to hear you had a good time with our Blob!

Fun Game overall and worth the price of admission 

Thanks for getting your blob on!

This is the most rad game I have played in years

Ah, thanks so much for this comment! So glad to hear that!

I love this game so much, the album has been on repeat ever since I played. WOW


Hey! Thank you so much for this message! Means so much to us to know our Blob was enjoyed by cool people!

I'm interested in buying the limited edition, but I'm wondering. Do you guys ship worldwide? And if that's the case, how much extra money would I have to pay for delivery outside the U.S.?


Hi! Thanks so much for the interest in becoming an Ultimate Blob!

We totally can ship outside the US. Happy to say Ultimate Editions have gone out to people in a list of countries including Japan, The UK, Poland, Mexico, Philipines and France.

Are you on twitter or Discord? Wanna link up with us on there and we can find out where you are and if there would be any extra shipping costs to get you your blob?

This is honestly my favourite game i played in the last five years, the sheer amount of love, passion, and creativity that is put into this short but powerfull experience is insane!

Playing this game brought me back to mundane memories of happiness throughout my life, moments that i don't think of a lot but moments of pure happiness! I absolutely adored every last second of this game and i know i will pick it up in a couple days and enjoy it just as much!

Thank you guys so much for making this, it means a lot to me!

(PS: Can't wait to buy the record when i get my salary! <3)


Tiiiim! Sorry for the very late reply, but just wanna say thank you so very much for playing, and for your incredibly kind words!

We know our games aren't for everyone, but it means the world to us when they do find their way to people like you!

Thank you!!!

Dropping a link to our unboxing of the awesome Special Edition bundle here on Itch!

Thanks again for such a unique experience, album and hot sauce!

The sauce looks mega awesome. Do you know if it is vegan? :)


Hi Frau! Yes, Pizza Punx is a totally vegan hot sauce!

Here are the ingredients:

Crushed tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • this is such a cool game but i cant buy it also the merch with this is AWESOME   still cant buy bc im poor


Thanks  so much for taking the time to pass on this encouraging comment - we really appreciate it!

First, I was able to experience the joys of true love (and birthing of 17  children) through Wrestling With your Emotions. And now, I can finally understand what it's like to leave the house and get a job! What a wonderful time.  (I also learned what it's like to have a spiritual awakening mid-recording, so thank you for giving me this incredible moment in time, captured forever) :{) You do good stuff.

Haha! Best comment for the best video!

We just sent you our sincerest thanks and high fives on youtube. You're awesome - please play all our games forever!

Don't gotta tell me twice! ;{D

Got a copy a couple of weeks ago and LOVED IT! Decided to buy it today for a friend for his brithday. Highly recommend, also these are awesome lads and buy and play their other games.

Abiiiiiii! Thank you so very much! You're too awesome!

i dont have any money to buy your game  :) , but from what i can see in the video and pictures it looks really good.the way you designed the characters it is so weird  and unique and interesting. never seen character design like it

Hi there!  Thanks so much for this encouraging, kind message! So cool of you to say this!

If you like the weird style of the characters, you'll probably enjoy our older games like Wrestling with Emotions and Snow Cones. Feel free to sign up to our mailer, and we'll send you download keys for them!

your welcome, i dont know how to sign up for your mailer. :) 

Here you go:

thanks man :) , i give you feed back when i played it


Awesome! Have fun!

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omg game! ciao from  i tal_Y

Grazie per aver giocato!

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Loved this silly game/music EP! 

And we loved this play through (and your rad fashion!)

Then we made another video


Yr the best!

And you guys are the bestest. Congratulations on your amazing release and I guess we have to follow the new road you guys will be making for your next release.

Made a video

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OMG ur the best at making this cutely pleb games! i LOVE it so much. Also the artstlye in ur guys games is so AMAZING.Keep up the great work and hopefully its free to play ;w;

Thank you so much Saq! We can't wait for our blob to burst into the world!

This game is an EXPERIENCE. 

I'd suggest playing this before you watch anything about it. If you don't have the luxury, here is a video for your viewing pleasure.  ๐Ÿฅฐ

Thanks again for this awesome play through! Had so much fun watching it!

Thanks for making something so unique. ๐Ÿคฉ

Ladies and Gentlemen, If you have not experienced Team LazerBeam or their brilliance and imagination before, you do not know what you are missing. These folks know gaming and they know how to be extremely creative. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Gawwwww! Thank you! This comment made us so happy!

Made a video


Woooooooooo! ๐Ÿฅ”๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿฅ”



Did you see that your faces made it into a German article about the game?!

That's super cool

can't wait!

Woo! Sorry it's been so long since we last put something out!

yo i'm excited and it takes time to produce stuff i understand!