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really really REALLY great app, but name makes it almost impossible to search on google without finding some... stuff :p

Haha! Thanks so much for the kind words and support, and sorry for any trauma that was caused in searching for it on google!


unfortunate choice of name

lmao yes, got me to click XD

ProlapseSetup XDDDDDDDD omg I love this, and also quality software

Thanks Arsenal!

Absolutely fantastic tool! Good job!

Thanks H-Tech!

Super neat! If you ever make a linux version I would be the happiest person.


The title soooooo confusing...


I had a chuckle at the name too.  I say don't change it!


Haha! Thanks HelBeard! Glad someone appreciates it!

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Awesome app.

This looks super useful! I would love to have a MacOS version.

Get Prolapsed!™

Thanks man! We'd love to get it working on Mac! Will let you know if we do!

As a conciliation prize in the meantime, please feel free to play any of our games which are all Mac friendly!

Been looking for something like this for a while, thanks mate!

Any chance of getting an executable though?