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Get ready to shake it!
Take on the role of a nameless fashion-enthusiast, as they embark on a journey of romance and shame! Journey into the heart of the coolest club in town; Dress To Express Dancing Success. Grab a drink at the bar! Chat to your club crush! Shake your hips! Just don't do anything uncool!

Dress To Express Dancing Success makes use of Team Lazerbeam's unique D.O.R.K. (Dance Orbit Rotate Kinetics) dance move generator! Use DORK to choreograph your own symphony of dance form a pool of 1936 potential moves! Will you blow the dancefloor away with moves like the "Meat Tornado", "Tasty Pantaloons" and "Golden Grandpa"? Or clear the floor with embarrassing attempts like the "Fat Free Sailor", "Sloppy Macaroni" and "Crappy Package"? Only you can find out!

Key Features:
Revolutionary Dancing Mechanics with the D.O.R.K system!
Fire up your own unique disco inferno, chaining 1936 potential moves!
More than 1 potential date to woo or disgust!
A fresh dose of that interactive Lazerbeam magic you know and love!

"Why are you making this instead of Snow Cones Episode 2?!"
"Dress To Express Dancing Success" was born at SA Game Jam 2016, under the theme "Express Yourself". The results were so ridiculous that we decided to pursue the game further. We have also been working on Snow Cones 2!

Team Lazerbeam will return in 2017 with "Dance Your Heart Out Of Your Rib Cage"

[Play Time : 10 min] 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Tagsabsurd, alternative, dancing, Dating Sim, fashion, Hand-drawn, nu-wave, punk, Romance, Surreal


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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I loved the artstyle, physics of how the limbs move, and the music. Really liked it, this is a good job at being funny! And the 80s vibes were surprisingly realistic. 8/10.


Thanks so much for these encouraging comments PopSoda! Really glad to hear you enjoyed your time with DTEDS!

As a fan of 1980s pop culture, I can definitively say this hits the nail on the coffin. A great game (and numerous broken bones!)  

Hi Cinnamon Synonym! Left you a comment on Youtube, but wanted to say thanks again for playing and sharing your excellent moves with The World! Stoked that you had so much fun with this!

was looking forward recording and glad that i have made a video

Almond! Sorry for the long overdue response - this slipped through the cracks somehow!

Glad you had such a rad time getting down on the dancefloor! Thank you for playing and sharing!

Amazingly fun game! Really silly, interesting, and  cute. Did really well on those 80's vibes as well.

Haha! This was ace - thanks heaps for playing and sharing!

No problem! Hoping to play more of your games soon!

The Friendless Couple Take on This Epic Dance party!

GUYS! It's been so long!!!

I miss playing your games but I'm back :D Gonna try to get a video out about this game sometime soon ;)

Heyyyyyy! Lovely to hear from you! Would be super stoked to see you play Dress To Express! We've got some new stuff on the way soon too!

This game suprised me, the dance moves were very funny and the story was touching. Thank you for this game!

Thanks so much for the lovely comment - so rad to hear you had such a good time with the game!

What do you get when you take an awkward bearded cross dresser...mix them with the dev's that make weird inventive games...and add a banging techno soundtrack? You get Dress to Express Dancing Success, an odd little game that gives off the positive message to believe in yourself and try new things. Come get a face full.

Thanks for the play! Super rad to watch! Love the thumbnail design!
I unfortunately have to inform you that if you are very out of touch with 'cool' if you think a suit made of lettuce is ridiculous.
<3 <3 <3

Well I just got owned I guess.....

I finally got to playing this as well! THE MUSIC IS VERY VERY VERY GOOD

Damn. So good the music is. And your writing and setting is so cool too.

So nice and silly the gameplay is. Thank you for this.

Maybe a shorter title next time. Like DressXpress XIV: DANCE EXPLOSION URANIUM EDITION

PS: hotline miami, am I right?

A game with double the awesome music and rad dancing skills! I find this such an energetic and positive message type of game of just dancing your heart out! Both by getting the person to like you and dancing on the floor! XP Was super stoked when this game came out and recorded it when it did but uploaded it just recently. Team Lazerbeam you have won my heart, please keep on making really cool and positive games like these! <3

Hope you don't mind me sharing the video~

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A truly bizarre game with an excellent message. Belive in your yourself....and try new things. I loved it.

Keep up the weird Team lazerbeam.


best game I have played in a while.I had so much fun

Thanks Kgosi! See you in person soon for some high fives!

This game was a lot of fun to play :D

Thanks for playing! Stoked to see your video!

Hi everybody!! :D It took me a really long time to get myself to play this game but now it's here! Really fun and short game :) Team LazerBeam just make the best experiences!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Was able to finally play this!! This game is fun for sure!!

This game made me what to crossdress 10/10 XD

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Mission accompilshed!
I've pretty much taken all of my fashion cues this month from Bens character designs.


me too please give him my buisness email beacuse i want him to dress me every day!! XD

Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1Qxqg6xxJU

Woo! On the way to watch it!

Great little slice of life. That is, if your life is going down to the hippest club in town and showing off your hot bod. Who knows, you might even find love. All you've got to do is believe in yourself, and your sweaty moves under the dancefloor lights will make you a star!

Cute little experience. The dialogue's perfect (as expected from a Team Lazerbeam game), and all of it is suffused with joy. Make sure to go check it out.

Thanks to Team Lazerbeam for providing the goods, best of luck on your next projects- may they all be as entertaining as this.

Thanks so much for playing once again EQ! And thanks for the awesome comment; great to hear you liked the game so much!

Looking forward to watching your playthrough - expect high fives on Youtube!

The sense of humor that comes from the visuals and funky music really speaks to me, i love it. The limb movements are off any limits on this one :D

Yo! Thanks again for the great let's play! And once again, your thumbnail art is just plain awesome! Is it up on your deviant art? Can we share it?

Thank you dudes! Do what you want with it :D http://purplemountainmeow.deviantart.com/art/Danci...

Sorry for the late reply :p

Thanks dude!

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Really awesome game, I would love to see a longer game like this in the future with these sort mechanics! Was so hilarious to watch how the limbs move ^_^ Here's a link to a video I made of the game: https://youtu.be/6uYjO50RqX8?list=PLOil9lvqbwmXfyR6lww1H1FzJ3YEkS4wB

Thanks SammiiCake!

We'd definitely like to mess around with these mechanics more at some point in the future! But first, more wrestlers, icecreams and giant robots!

Great game once again :) keep up the good work! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJONUYbUHcA


Bonus high fives on the ace let's play! We'll let you know when our next thing's out!

Can't wait!