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Hey i recently played your game for my channel! 

Vat so! I'm back in the dating game after 10 years...and CRUSHING IT!

Yesssss! Like they say; plenty of fish for a day!

This game was a laugh riot! I absolutely loved it! I featured it on my channel as well ^-^

Any soundtrack?

We've got some plans for future releases :)


I included your game in this article that I wrote.

Thanks Invader!

I honestly have no idea how to describe this game! But I do want to say THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT

Haha! Thanks so much dude! Stoked to give this a watch!

Love what you guys do !

Ah, thank you! High five!

I loved the game! It was really well written and all around a great experience. I made a video about it to show my appreciation. Here you go! Thanks a lot!

Awesome! Stoked to watch it!

Thanks for the love!

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Hey devs! We played both this and your previous game Dress to express, and we love your work! Here is our adventure in the world of wrestling matching, which makes for some really hilarious moments.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to watching both videos!

Hey, thanks to you for making great games! Dress to express we actually played a little while back in a compilation, starting at 2:51 in this video. The guys happened to be a tad drunk when playing your games.

Sounds perfect!

It's Valentines day! We all know what that means! Time to through on our wrestling gear, jump in the ring and get our dating on! Wrestling with Emotions is the perfect game for those wanting to spread some love and maybe some punches!

This game was even stranger and more amazing than I thought it was going to be. It will blow your mind, patch you up and then blow it yet again! This game was a total blast, I couldnt't help but chuckle my way through it. Who knew you could combine speed dating and wrasslin'? Play this game for yourselves you will thank me...just watch my video if you want a sneak peek. Thank you TeamLazerBeam for saving Valentine's Day!!!

This game was really funny. I really loved it . Thanks for making it.

Amazing game! So much fun to play! Dweebs is definitely NSFW in my playthrough! Loved it!

Check out my YouTube channel for similar videos <3


This was AWESOME, so funny!

Ahhh this was such a good lets play! One of my favorites! Awesome character performances! <3 <3
I'd love to see you play our game Dress to Express Dancing Success!

This game is HILARIOUS! I had a TON of FUN playing it hahaha, great job guys!


Haha! Bumpin! Thanks for playing and sharing - glad you had fun with this!

Hey, it won't let me access the game on my computer. Any help? I really want to play it haha

Hi hi!

Super sorry to hear you're struggling - trust we'll be able to get WWE up and running on your machine soon.

We're not aware of any bugs or compatability issues that might cause the game to not even launch. Is is just totally unresponsive when you click on it?

Are you using a PC or Mac?

Have you tried re-downloading the game? Maybe something went wrong and the file's incomplete?

It's a PC, an ASUS laptop. If the game was more graphically demanding, that would explain this away pretty easily, but fortunately your animations don't seem that taxing. But the game just says I don't have proper permission to access the game. I've downloaded it four different times, about ten minutes between each time.

Hey, sounds like and admin issue. Does your account have administrative privileges?
Try copying it to your desktop and right click on it and select "Run as Administratot"

It works! Thanks so much

Glad to help! Hope you have fun with the game!

Hilarious! Keeps you on your toes and HIGH replay value!!! A++

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Awesome game, super funny and really fun to play


The UNSTOPPABLE PSYCHO BRO[Wrestling With Emotions]

I really enjoyed playing this game

Ah, that's lovely to hear!

Thanks so much for the support!

Looking forward to watching the video!

I definitely plan to play your other games here soon!

Awesome! Hope you enjoy them!

Wrestling With Emotions

Whats the art style of this game called

Ben Rausch.

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I love wrestling, and I love games! Happy to throw a couple dollars at this, if only to show that wrestling fans appreciate people making silly fun games using wrestling. I hope you guys make more cool stuff!

^__^ Thanks for the support!! We're working on an expansion! Romantic Rumble Edition!

This game is awesome XD me and my brothers had alot of fun playing it

I did a video of this strange but very entertaining game!


Had a ton of fun playing this game :D

Awesome! On our way to check it out! Thanks for playing and sharing!


This game is a blast! The character creation at the beginning--combined with the dialogue throughout the sim--appeals to the wrestling fan's heart. Props to Team Lazerbeam for such mad creativity...this game is ridiculously lovable!

Ah, thanks so much fore this awesome feedback Florville! So great to hear how the game resonated with you! We're currently working on an updated version call "Romance Rumble Edition" where we're planning to squeeze even more awesome into this thing!

Thanks for playing and once again for letting us know what you thought!

"Romance Rumble" sounds fantastic! It'd be hilarious to have an expansion where the speed dating is for the purpose of creating a tag team (or heck, even a faction)...with the obligatory homoerotic victory gestures when you trounce your opponents in the ring ;)

Haha! We're totally on the same page! Still need to figure out the details, but the idea is that after making 7 matches you get to participate is an 8 man free for all; The Romance Rumble!

Debuted the first 3 new wrestlers at a festival this past weekend; we're super stoked!

How do you open the game?

oh woops i need the windows one

Did you figure it out?

I forget this site existed.

Yeah,i just downloaded the windows one :P


I loved the art style so much, simplistic but very striking. A really cool, fun game!

*Freakshow-sized high fives!*

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Best damn wrestler dating sim that has ever been invented! 10/10 would suplex again!

Ahhh! That was so awesome! I love your fan's comment! :D :D :D

Okay. I think I found a good match.

Damn those colors are beautiful.

Oh man! What happened to your channel dude? Hope you're back in action soon!

Thanks, was a youtube bug. fixed now

It's hilarious - random - and unique... an amazing effort with a very high replay value... all around a great game and I found my perfect match! Cheers team lazerbeam!

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And here it is, my new video where I play your new awesome game! Hope you like it :D


People really like your game, that's awesome! :D I had a lot of fun playing it too, it's one of my favorites in a while.

Made a video

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Love always finds a way and i found a way to love this game! Such a great romance story felt like my heart toke a bodyslam.

GREAT GAME! 10/10 -IGN Would Play AGAIN!

Haha! Amazing! Please be sure to pass the news on to IGN!

So glad you had such a god time with the game, and thanks so much for sharing that joy with The World. It's beyond awesome seeing one of our games resonate with people.

Take a look at Snow Cones if you'd like more weird romantic weirdness from us!


Señor Murder is such a babe. Best wrestler speed-dating game I've ever played. Keep up the good work team.

Ah, fantastic! Look forward to watching this after work today!

Thanks so much for playing and sharing on your channel! Really glad that Señor Murder stole your heart. He's one of my (this is Ben) favourites too!

This was so great! Thanks so much for playing!

If you'd like some more lazerlove in your life, check out Snow Cones!

We're also working on a pretty beefy update to WWE - will let you know when that happens!


Ok this has made me laugh more than any other game this year


Haha! So good to hear you enjoyed it as much as you did!

This was such a great let's play - thank you so much!

So good!
Great art and colours with awesome music :)

Thanks Erika! We're busy working on a more epic final fight!

Sweet! Can't wait :)

Absolutely fantastic game, dudes. I was wondering if you had made the soundtrack available somewhere? It was great stuff.

Right? Jason, why isn't the sound track available?!

Team Lazerbeam deliver another awesome experience!! <3
Love you guys and your tremendous work!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

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Thanks RadiCarl!
Couldn't have hoped for a radder inaugural Lets Play!
Since I got to see you enjoying our work, here's a picture of me enjoying yours!

<3 <3 <3

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