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Just released my video of me playing Snow Cones 

dear snow cones team can you please make a different payment method than PayPal because then i cant buy it

Hi there!

Sorry to hear you're not able to use paypal. Unfortunately paypal is the only payment service that supports.

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Good and colourful game!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

hey guys join my jam in 19 hours i really want you to join

Hi there! Thanks so much for the invitation!

19 hours isn't much notice, so we're not available to join the jam today, but please let us know about the next one you put together.

Hope it's a big success and people make some awesome games!

hi there i will be making future jams i want to make a psx jam you can now join my jam thanks for joining i hope you have fun making projects

Awesome! Thanks!

enjoy making your future projects

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When I downloaded this game it won't allow me to open the file please fix this,I tried everything and searched up how to fix it, but its not please fix this because I used the rest of my savings on this game,overall I like the cute design.


Hi Banana!

Thanks so much for supporting Snow Cones. I'm really sorry to hear that you're having problems running the game on your side. Hope we can help you figure things out!

Are you trying to play the game on Windows or Mac OS?

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I'm on android please tell me you can fix this because I have been waiting to play it.

What but it is only for windows and macos

Hi Banana, just confirming you'll have to open the game on a computer if you want to play it - it's not a mobile game.

Oh okay thank you <3


Hi GPTV - Thanks for your interest in our little Snow Cones!

This game costs money because we put of a lot of love and effort into it. We love this cute little game and we think it's worth something (even if that's just $3).

Since putting a price tag on our games it's been great to see people supporting us and helping us to start making Team Lazerbeam games full time.

real cuteeeeeeee


Thank you so much! Hope we'll make another one sometime soon!

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i loved when dantdm played this and its so cutttteeee amazing game I love it


Awww, thanks so much for this sweet comment! So nice to hear!

Dan's playthrough really brought this little game a lot of cool fans. Wish he would play Teenage Blob too!

do you have foreign prices? Specifically PHP (Philippine Peso)


Hi Zhang! Thanks for the interest!

I don't think itch has a way of setting prices for different regions unfortunately, but any payments through PayPal will be automatically converted into your own currency.

Thanks so much for the support! So cool to have someone from the Philippines playing our games!

all tho besides that i want this game in my life


i am mad this game cost money and is not for mac >:(

No need to be mad ben100, we'll send you a key for the game!

today there is an option to download this game for free and it's now for mac.

have a great time


i'm so mad why this game cost money

Hi Gabriel

Sorry to hear you're so mad. That's certainly not something we ever expected to hear from anyone.

Here are a few things that might make you feel better:

1) This game costs money because we put of a lot of love and effort into it. We love this cute little game and we think it's worth something (even if that's just $3).
2) After 5+ years of doing Team Lazerbeam as a passion project, we've taken the plunge to make the band a full time effort. This will allow us to make bigger and better games, but it also means we need the support of players so we can avoid being homeless/ starving.
3)  Above all else we just want people to play our games and feel good for a few minutes. We totally get that some players might be having their own financial struggles, and that the $3 price tag might be beyond their means. Considering this, if you join our mailing list we'll send you 5 of our older games for free. Since you can get Snow Cones 1 and 2 for free, you really shouldn't have to feel mad at all.

Hope this makes you feel less mad, and that going on an ice cream date will make you feel even better!

Downloaded 2020-12-16 December

Nice! Hope this little games brings you a lot of joy!

Thanks for playing!

Subscribed to mailing comes up saying its linked to another account??...cannot access..any ideas?

Hi Cece!

I think you might have tried to submit your email twice so it gave that message.

We got a confirmation mail that you subscribed to the list successfully. Did you receive our first email with your download key for Snow Cones?

i cant buy it .-.

Hi Dear!

Subscribe to our mailing list and we'll send you free keys for both Snow Cones games!


hey why did u make it $3? its so amazing! ilysm so keep up the great work u amazing chaotic team!

Hi Saq! Thanks so much for the kind words!

If you'd still like to pick Snow Cones (and all our old games) up for free, join our mailing list! We'll immediately send you a key for Snow Cones 1, and will send more games over the next few days!

Thanks again for the support!




I had so much fun -- the controls were intuitive and the graphics were simple, charming, and well-suited to the peaceful mindset of the game. Getting to spend the day doing awesome stuff, topped off with an awkward handhold on a ferris wheel and a very pretty sunset...I loved it!

Ah, that's so lovely to hear! Totally makes us stoked to get to work on Snow Cones 3!

I don't find it as a cute game necessarily, i loved the graphics (drawings), interactibility, gameplay. It was great and i'll admit, cute.

This game just had a charm to it, not the cute kind of charm, i actually felt love and fell in love with the pink ice cream. Its just so platonic, flawless and romantic with nothing evil and a cute world of ice cream.



Thank you so much Noli! So lovely to hear that the game connected with you!

Thanks for taking the time to leave us this message - it really inspires us to keep doing what we're doing!

Be sure to play Snow Cones 2 if you wanna take Pink out for a second date!

I played it :) First was better

Cute game.

Cute play through! Thanks so much!

i'm dating an ice cream

Have fun!

Excuse me?

"Have fun!"

its so cuuuteeee

Haha! Thank yooouuuu!

@Llamacorn1 try the app. its working 4 me on there

Thanks for the help - very cool of you!

I keep trying to download it but it is not working it keeps taking me to chrome web store and I cannot find it

Hope you figured it out!

Use the app. it will work on there


how cute


Thank you!


Hey TeamLazarBeam, I really want to download it on Windows but It tells me to click Snowcones-Data for some reason because it wont start the Snowcones one


Hi Max. If you wanna download the game, click on the button that says "Download now", then say "No Thanks just take me to the downloads". From there just click the big red "Download" button and Snow Cones will be yours forever! Hope you have fun with it!

I mean like when I go into folders and click on snowcones it shows  Extract All Files or just run and I clicked run it didn't work

Another lazerbeam here; you have to extract the files and then run i.! 🙂


Thank you Rich! <3

Hope that helps and that you have fun with the game Max!

And also it says to go to snow cones data

Hi again Boss!

Sorry to hear about this. I'm not sure what to suggest; after 4+ years on itch, and a few thousand downloads, this is the first time we've heard of someone being unable to run Snow Cones.

Not sure if it'll make a difference, but you could try download the game from Game Jolt and see if that works?

Hey Team, I tried that but it's the same answer, Please head to Snowcones-Data

Looks great!


LOVE it!!!!! :D

:D Thanks James! 
Let us know what you think of SNOW CONES 2

I jUsT dOwNlOaDeD ThE CuTeSt GaMe In ThE WoRlD!

tHaNk yOu!

I really liked the game. The art style is simple and cute! I trying to find the 2nd episode. I hope the two ice creams get together very well. It wasn't that short and I had fun wit it! Nice Job TeamLazerBeam!


Hi DuckieChan! Thanks so much for playing, and for the encouraging feedback! Very glad to hear you had fun with this little game!

Deleted 4 years ago

it will not let me play either games snow cones 1 or 2

Sorry to hear you're struggling with this. Is it an Apple security issue? If so, here's how you can fix that:

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please i want this game :3

Cool! Download it and have fun!

I loved this game series. Honestly hope to see more!! 

I dunno how to buy it :(

You don't need to buy it, it's free! Just click the "Download Now" button. If you do wanna give us some money for the game, that'd be super sweet too! Thanks!

Deleted 3 years ago

Hi there! The game is available on Mac - just follow the button to download it. Hope you have fun with it!

Since it's the month of love, I tried playing this very cute (and weird!) game. Thank you for the experience!

Haha! That was ace - thank you! Loved your B52s bit!

Everything about this was sweet and charming. I'm excited to go and play episode 2 now!

Ah, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

Deleted 5 years ago

Have you ever wondered how to have a perfect date? Become a snow cone!

Heyo! It's me!(I used to be MethODDical) :D

I'm planning to make a video for Episode 2 sometime soon, so I decided to replay the first one first!

Hope ya like it ;3

Tech! Hiiiii! Good to see you're still out there! We were trying to reach you to pass on a code for SC2! Do you need one?

Ooh, a code? Probably a dumb question, but what would the code do? :o

A download code/ key so you can get the game without paying us $2!

Oh my gosh! That'd be great actually :D Especially since right now I literally cannot get my hands on $2 XD

Heyo! It's been a few days, so just checking in. Did ya see my last message?

This game was really cool. And, no, you guys do not suck at making games! Lol. The art style was great but it did make me wish there was more to this game. I would buy the sequel but I don't have the funds to do anything. Anyways, if you're still not convinced, try watching this video:


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