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I wish I could play it, I live in Brazil, and $1USD = R$5,41. That means $3USD = R$16,22...

And it's kinda sad that the next episode is coming out in 3 years...

Yo Goldy! Totally know how it feels ( 1USD is currently 15,47 South African Rand). Wouldn't want you to miss out on playing Snow Cones 2: come say yo on Discord and we can hook you up!

But I don't have a discord.

i cant play it. the game wont let me open it unless i have a zip 

Hi there Paperisgay,

Thanks for your support and picking up a copy of our cute little game!

The game will download as a zip file which you will need to unzip on your side. You have a lot of options for how to you'd like to do this:

Hope you have a lovely time with Snow Cones 2!

Wow, this is absolutely cute! It's a real shame I can't play it because I don't have $3 :|


Hi there!

Thanks so much for the kind comment - lovely to hear that you liked the look of our cones! Hope we'll be able to make a third episode in the not too distant future!

So HeLlInG CuTe :D

Thank youuuuu! :D

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no  problem :3 :3 (btw one of the most cutest games EVER)

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know - it really means a lot, and gets us even more excited about making Snow Cones 3!

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cool! and btw you do not suck at making games and i cannot wait to show my cute aobssest friend she will love it! (she did she says she may get it!)

I saw a long time ago Jacksepticeye play this game, so adorable! It makes me wanna create a cute dating sim game! :D :D :D  Good job devs

Yo! Just saw that we somehow missed this!

Thanks heaps for taking the time to leave a comment.

How did you do on that plan to make a cute dating sim on that side?

hey why did u turn it into $3? it was so good! i love it so much keep up the great work,style and stay chaotic! ilysm! i hope u have a great day!

Hi Saq! We just replied to your message on Snow Cones 1. In case you missed it:

Thanks so much for the kind words! If you'd still like to pick Snow Cones (and all our old games) up for free, join our mailing list! We'll immediately send you a key for Snow Cones 1, and will send more games over the next few days!
Thanks again for the support!


How do i download it on a chromebook, i'm so confused

Hi TaisyDaisy!

The game runs on Windows, so maybe this would help you?

The graphics and quality of this game is much better than the first game. I enjoyed it!


That's really good to hear - thanks so much! Glad to hear that the improved graphics were appreciated!


i'm dating an ice cream again!

Haha! Hope you had fun again!


#Shadowcadet (OwO) Derpy Harry Potter

I know this isn't supposed to do with the game, but how do you change ur prof pic?

I aM nOt SmArT - Hairy Pawter P.S If you like LDshadowlady say #Shadowcadet


To change your profile pic, click on the arrow in the top right of the site, and then click on "settings". You can edit your profile image from there!


Yay! I found it! When I played this I was happy that they got together. It really made me smile and I laughed at the movie in the theater! I got a little confused when the date was done! I hope a part 3 comes out. Nice job once again TeamLazerBeam.


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Haha! Thanks so much! What a cool, encouraging message to receive! Very glad that you had such a good time with Snow Cones 2! Check out some of our other games if you're looking for more Lazerbeamy goodness!

Such and adorable continuation to an adorable series. I really hope there is more to come.


So cute! Thanks! We hope to make more too!

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So good to hear! Please let us know if you'd like a key for SC2!

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Here you go:

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Awesome! Loved the first game! Can't wait to play when I have two dollars to spare :)

Glad to hear it!

Let us know if you're struggling to rustle up those 2$; we'll send you a download key!

Melt My Heart! | Snow Cones 2 | Ep #1


Awww yeah!

I love it

Thank you so much, that's awesome to hear!

Another AMAZING game guys!! Keep up the great work! :D

Can't wait for  Episode 3.

I loved this as much as I loved the first one! Great job once again by all of you! 

Made a video -

Thanks again Spudcats!

Almost 2 years of waiting has been worth it. This story is just the most am-ice-ing.

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thanks again for this RadiCarl! So great seeing you playing this as our first let's play!

Thank you guys for making these amazing experiences!!
Can't wait for 2025 to hit so that I can record episode 3 :D