Shroom and Gloom celebrates 1 week on itch & our first content update!

Hi everyone! Ben Lazerbeam here with some news on our latest collaboration, Shroom and Gloom!

It's been one week since we unveiled Gloom and Shroom. In that short time, the response to the game has been nothing short of mind-blowing! It's been downloaded more than 1600 times, and we've been overwhelmed by the amount of wildly enthusiastic, massively encouraging comments that we've received from player who've journey through The Underealm!

As soon as Evan and I started cooking up the idea of a first-person, dungeon-crawling deck-builder we became really excited about the concept. As we jammed out each new part of the game our excitement grew stronger and stronger, not unlike a 'Hungry Blade' on a killing spree. By the time we reached the end of 7 Day FPS we were so amped that we just had to keep jamming for a couple more days. One week ago we unveiled our shroomy baby to the world, and were instantly blown away by how stoked early players were. Given the overwhelmingly positive reception to this little jam game, we've felt super inspired to keep exploring this idea, polishing up how cards interacted with each other, refining how enemies behaved and adding even more cards to the mix. Today we're incredibly happy to share our first update, which we've decided to call ' The Good Soup Update'!

The update features:

Veteran shrooms!
Low level enemies will now flee combat if you take too long to defeat them, returning in later combats as hardened veterans!

Campfires now offer the chance to brew 9 new soups! From the damage-dealing Fiery Soup to the game-changing (but dangeous) Unholy Soup these new consumables offer a bundle of cool new combos for players that focus on roasting their enemies into edibles (or exploring dungeons with a trusty truffle pig by their side)!

Bug fixes and quality of life improvements!
Thanks to the kind feedback of our early players we were able to identify and fix up a few issues and exploits that could arise when certain cards were combined. Thanks to everyone that helped bring these to our attention!

Our team (henceforth known as The Shroom Patrol) are on holiday for the next couple of days, but we're monstrously excited to get back to this unique little CCG in the new year. Till then, we hope you'll have fun with the new content in the Good Soup Update, and look forward to hearing what you all thought of it!

Our eternal thanks and high fives to everyone that's gotten behind this weird little game right from the start! You've made our 2021 end in the most radical fashion possible!

Yours in fungus,


Shroom And Gloom 29 Dec 2021 63 MB
Dec 29, 2021
Shroom and 74 MB
Dec 29, 2021

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It's a fun game. However, when I tried opening the menu mid-run I found out there is no main menu, and pressing ESC just exits the game (and there is no save function).  I know the game is small, but a pause menu wouldn't be a bad idea to add.


Hi, thanks for reaching out about this. The ESC issue will be fixed in our next update.

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I just made an account on just to tell you how fun this game is, I beat the game already but I'm still addicted. I feel bad for not being able to pay for something this fun, in fact I definitely would've paid for this if I knew how fun this was. I hope you guys add more levels and other stuff eventually! This game gives me Adventure Time vibes and I'm lovin' it! Although, you guys should add a settings menu to configure stuff like sound, graphics and what-not. Otherwise, no complaints. You guys should also add a feedback option in the game so it'll be easier to recommend stuff.


I had to give it another go and surprisingly enough I finally beat it! Great game overall. I can see this game getting crazier as the levels progress. I'm super broke this year, but whenever I have the chance I'll support. Anyway,  I wish you and your team a Happy New Year.

Also, here's my video. My character rig was doing some wonky stuff so the avatars head was in the upward position the whole time.


Hi Robo!

Hi fives on finally slaying the Void King! Very cool to see you did it with a toothpick-based build!

Thanks as always for playing and sharing with your viewers!